August 2021-Play Dough Positivity Activity

Transitioning Back To School! Empowered Girls Inc. (Orlando Chapter) kicked off with a Play dough Positivity Activity.  Each of the girls were asked to roll words that would best describe them.  The girls did an AWESOME job!!! Now, let’s get down to business.  The girls all agreed that in the transition back to school it will bring opportunities to connect with other students from different communities.

Our discussion focused on being a leader in their peer group. The girls were tasked with answering three questions:

How do you make an impact on a student that is homeless?

How do you help make an impact with a student does not speak English fluently?

How can you help a student that is from an affluent home?

The girls put a lot of thought in the overall discussion.  Each one walked away with a different outlook on what may have been an initial thought. The encouragement and sharing was very authentic and powerful.  We are very PROUD of the girls for taking to the importance of not judging others, the need to help and their responsibilities of being leaders in the community.

We closed out with one last team activity.  Let’s play Tower Tumble.  This was a lot of FUN!   Again, we had an AWESOME day!!

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